Monday, 3 October 2016

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How to use Google Adwords for my website step by step guide and 50 PPC tips and tricks for beginners

This tutorial goes through some of the basics steps of how to set up a Google Adwords campaign and advertisement. Launching a new AdWords search campaign is an huge process. 

Excitement, anxiety, fear, and hope are emotions that come to mind when I’m about to click the Enable button on a new campaign. Here are 50 PPC tips and tricks for beginners and the complete guides to Google PPC success for small business.

Pay Per Click Tips

Don’t restrict your search terms:

Whether you start with specific or broad keywords, to make sure you can mix them over time. Have an even mix with long tail specific phrases and short neat search terms

Test different Ads:

Try different search queries in the Ads, visualize what your customer is looking for, make it relevant and aim to have many words appear bold as possible.

Look at your competitors:

What do similar business write in their message, do they state better prices and use their information to get the upper hand.

Use Ad extensions

These extra site links improve click through rates as it targets specific services for different visitors. It simplifies user experience and looks more professional and worthy click.

Long tail keywords are more effective:

This something that requires some testing and chagrining over time, you may gain less traffic overall but this is not a failure. Your PPC auction cost is lower and conversion higher.

Trial dynamic keywords

There are lots of good guides for this, but ultimately it means you create fewer versions of an ad, which are in turn more relevant and could have higher QS are saving you money CP.

No wasted clicks:

A click can be bad if they leave the page immediately. Over time through testing, all clicks should lead to what was relevant. Cheating will only harm you long term.

Capitalize on your geography

Adwords and Google analytics has a tool to identify your key converting geographical locations, if you run local business use this data to inform your marketing strategy through all kind of steps.

Avoid form filling

It is outdated to have your customers fill in massive forms. Keep it simple. Ask them for their name, Email id and number alone to get contact them yourselves.

Contextual Adertising, Display Ads

  • Re-marketing
  • Target the device
  • Don’t neglect the mobile audience
  • Utilize mobile specific
  • Make your image clearly clickable
  • Include social reports and reviews from positive customer feedback
  • The URL is a minor details make it very clear understanding

Effective web design

  • Expand your website utility
  • Web page loading
  • Make your website adaptable
  • Display testimonials

Ad Link common sense

Everybody wants to increase website traffic and criticism should always be honest feedback.
This data gives you ample opportunity to continue reviewing and adjusting your ads and wider marketing strategies for maximum ROI.

Finally don’t forget to sell after getting leads. Contact the customer earlier when leads has been received. Wolf of wall street and sell yourself.

For more information, click here to get pdf beginner's guide to PPC.


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