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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

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How to Optimize YouTube Video To Drive more traffic and views

Driving traffic and increasing views to your videos on Youtube was not easy before, but In this article we will discuss facts that make Youtube so productive for SEO’s.YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, with 100 hours of content uploaded every minute. 

Today we will learn complete Youtube SEO.

Lets just understand how Youtube is an important tool for marketing.

Youtube Facts and Stats

  • More than one Billion people use Youtube every month.
  • 1.5 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every sec.
  • More than 800 tweets per minute contain a YouTube link.
How Does Youtube Rank their videos?

Youtube uses the algorithm called Reverse Engineering to rank the videos.

By understanding the algorithm view that the algorithm is designed to promote channels that are capable of uploading videos that get and keep a large swath of their niche audience watching. If you want to be successful on YouTube the best advice we can give you is to focus on one very specific niche interest and make as many 10-minute or longer videos as you can about that singular topic.

On google page.

Google provides lot of priority to Youtube videos to rank on Google 1st page.
On Youtube Search

As Youtube is worlds second largest search engine. 

On Youtube Suggested videos.

This is the important place where we can accept a lot of views to the site. 

Trending Video Keywords.Before starting Youtube SEO we need to understand which factors affects youtube SEO.

There are some signals in which youtube ranks the video.
  • Title tag information.
  • Audience retention.
  • Keywords in description tag.Tags.
  • Video length.
  • Number of subscribers after watching.
  • Comments.
  • Likes and dislikes.
  • Lets start with the research
 There Are other off page factor also for  ranking your video Such as social shares, Yahoo, Quora answer, getting back-link from other sites. which I will explain in next blog So stay Tune :)
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[Infographic] – On-Premise Vs Hosted PBX: Which is Really Better?

Wish to multiply profits in short period of time? Want to boost up the revenue numbers at an exponential speed? And want to manage it all using traditional telephony systems. Well, it’s going to hit big troubles on IT and sales managers. So, here’s a post that illustrates how abandoning the use of on-premise or traditional telephony system and using hosted PBX services can simplify business communication hassles.

Let’s start it by considering a situation in which sales agent fails to answer important client issue in time as he was on vacation and later encounters loss of project worth millions. Well, if hosted VoIP solution would have been in place then this call would have led to double-glazing sales number.Hosted VoIP set-up brings on board advanced call routing options and ACD capabilities to forward the calls to personal or office phone based upon priority. Thus, clients and customers call can be directed to sales manager based upon their availability. 

No need to take charge of call control or manually handle the calls. Small to medium sized companies can take the leverage of cloud-based services to get enterprise-class solutions on tighter budgets and simplify the way communication is managed between in-house and off-site team members.

Hosted VoIP solutions can help to enhance your business performance in various other ways and meet the highly competitive and constantly changing demands of workplace. If you can’t afford on-premise IT staff, need a global presence, want to build up easy scalability, get enhanced reachability, provide 24x7x365 support service then Hosted VoIP solution can do it all. 
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8 Reasons how to use infographics in marketing

Create content that people actually searching in Google. Infographic research. If you find data, add it – otherwise just make something epic. Infographic Design & Data Visualization. Add an embed code to let others re-post it. Making your Infographic go Viral to find out the popular search topic by using the (Blog Title Generator gives you endless catchy topic headlines, title suggestions and creative content ideas. Generate a year's worth of topic and titles for your blog)    

How to make a digital infographic

 You just need to go on google and search for “free infographic templates”. Now you can download infographic templates for free and edit them according to your needs.

Some sites to get free infographic templates

8 Reasons Why Infographics are Good for SEO

  • Build targeted audience

  • Attractive to visitors

  • Better Understanding of content

  • Make visitors stay longer
  • Make visitors stay longer

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Portrays you as expert

  • Get Backlinks- Can be embedded by fellow bloggers

Now you all know the importance of infographics. It’s very good for SEO. So what are you waiting for go and try it in your blog and don’t forget to share your experience with us. For more about Infographics: Everything You Need to Know


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Monday, 10 October 2016

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Millennial Marketing Is So Last Year – How to Reach Generation Z

Over the past few years or so, millennial marketing has received the lion’s share of attention in terms of reaching an age-based demographic.And it’s easy to see why. “Millennials have $200 billion in buying power.”But if I’ve learned anything about marketing, it’s that success revolves around perpetual evolution.

Limiting yourself to a certain mindset or set of marketing techniques will only lead to stagnation.While it’s true that millennials will continue to demand much of our attention for years to come, it’s important to acknowledge the presence of Generation Z—people born after 1995.

Why should you care about generation Z?

Although it wasn’t all that long ago that this generation was still in diapers, things have changed, and they’re growing up quick. A portion of Generation Z is already in college, and some of them have entered the workforce. They’re also consumers and currently have $44 billion in buying power. By 2018, their spending will reach $200 billion. That’s a massive increase in only a short period of time. What’s even more interesting is their overall influence on spending. In fact, Gen-Zers influence $600 billion in family spending. That’s a lot!

 As of now, Generation Z makes up 26 percent of the population, and by 2020, they’ll account for 40 percent of all consumers. Think about that for a second. In just a few short years, nearly half of all consumers will be from this generation. When marketers look at stats like these, it’s easy to see why they’re chomping at the bit to reach this demographic. 

Tailoring your marketing campaign to reach Generation Z right now can pay dividends in the long run. It should also give you a decided edge over competitors that are still primarily focusing on reaching millennials. So, let’s discuss how you can adjust your marketing efforts to better align this Gen-Zers.

Gen Z wants videos 

I think that, hands down, video content is one of the most effective ways to market to this generation. Studies have actually found that “93 percent of Gen Z say they visit YouTube at least once a week, and 54 percent visit the site multiple times throughout the day.” 

These numbers are a clear indication that video is one of your best bets for getting your brand in front of this demographic. More specifically, creating videos that serve a purpose and that are educational/entertaining can be highly effective. The whole concept of “edutainment” is really huge right now, so taking this route can bring about some solid results. 

The key is to be relatable and showcase the personality of your brand. If you come across merely as some faceless, overly-corporate company, you won’t have much of an impact. Gen-Zers want brands they can genuinely connect with. Just think about successful YouTube stars as a template. They’ve got personality and are great at relating directly to their audiences.


 To thrive as a marketer, you need to look to the future and stay on the cutting edge of things. From a consumer perspective, there’s somewhat of a generational shift that will be happening over the next five years or so. As Generation Z continues to account for more and more of many companies’ customer bases, it’s important to tailor your marketing campaign accordingly. 

Reaching younger consumers requires a different approach and different channels. By implementing these techniques, you should be able to get your marketing message in front of Generation Z. And more importantly, you should be able to build genuine rapport with them and convert them into actual customers.

Reference by Millennial Marketing Is So Last Year – How to Reach Generation Z
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Monday, 3 October 2016

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How to use Google Adwords for my website step by step guide and 50 PPC tips and tricks for beginners

This tutorial goes through some of the basics steps of how to set up a Google Adwords campaign and advertisement. Launching a new AdWords search campaign is an huge process. 

Excitement, anxiety, fear, and hope are emotions that come to mind when I’m about to click the Enable button on a new campaign. Here are 50 PPC tips and tricks for beginners and the complete guides to Google PPC success for small business.

Pay Per Click Tips

Don’t restrict your search terms:

Whether you start with specific or broad keywords, to make sure you can mix them over time. Have an even mix with long tail specific phrases and short neat search terms

Test different Ads:

Try different search queries in the Ads, visualize what your customer is looking for, make it relevant and aim to have many words appear bold as possible.

Look at your competitors:

What do similar business write in their message, do they state better prices and use their information to get the upper hand.

Use Ad extensions

These extra site links improve click through rates as it targets specific services for different visitors. It simplifies user experience and looks more professional and worthy click.

Long tail keywords are more effective:

This something that requires some testing and chagrining over time, you may gain less traffic overall but this is not a failure. Your PPC auction cost is lower and conversion higher.

Trial dynamic keywords

There are lots of good guides for this, but ultimately it means you create fewer versions of an ad, which are in turn more relevant and could have higher QS are saving you money CP.

No wasted clicks:

A click can be bad if they leave the page immediately. Over time through testing, all clicks should lead to what was relevant. Cheating will only harm you long term.

Capitalize on your geography

Adwords and Google analytics has a tool to identify your key converting geographical locations, if you run local business use this data to inform your marketing strategy through all kind of steps.

Avoid form filling

It is outdated to have your customers fill in massive forms. Keep it simple. Ask them for their name, Email id and number alone to get contact them yourselves.

Contextual Adertising, Display Ads

  • Re-marketing
  • Target the device
  • Don’t neglect the mobile audience
  • Utilize mobile specific
  • Make your image clearly clickable
  • Include social reports and reviews from positive customer feedback
  • The URL is a minor details make it very clear understanding

Effective web design

  • Expand your website utility
  • Web page loading
  • Make your website adaptable
  • Display testimonials

Ad Link common sense

Everybody wants to increase website traffic and criticism should always be honest feedback.
This data gives you ample opportunity to continue reviewing and adjusting your ads and wider marketing strategies for maximum ROI.

Finally don’t forget to sell after getting leads. Contact the customer earlier when leads has been received. Wolf of wall street and sell yourself.

For more information, click here to get pdf beginner's guide to PPC.

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Sunday, 31 July 2016


How to get twitter verified account with blue badge? Check out how!

Twitter is an online social networking service that proceed users to send and read short 140-character messages is called "tweets". Meanwhile Jack Dorsey launched new enable Twitter to Expand Tweet’s 140-Character Limit to 10,000 that use to blogging on twitter itself but it has been under development. Nowadays you are happy to see the “Celebrity” quotes on twitter. Yes the twitter service vastly gained worldwide popularity, with more than 100 million users posting 340 million tweets a day in 2016.

How to get twitter verified account with blue badge

Everybody well had known fortunately how to get Facebook page verified but twitter not fair easily to get verified badge as earlier.

Why are verified Twitter accounts important?

Step 1: Determine if you qualify for a verified Twitter account. 
Step 2: Embed a Twitter “Follow” button on your website. (Very prominent)
Step 3: Read the Twitter verified account terms. 
Step 4: Find out how to apply for a verified account. 
Step 5: Wait for Twitter to respond.

How To Apply For Verified Account On Twitter

To fill the form to confirm your Twitter account, you can visit the organization's dedicated support page. However, here is the list of what you need to take care of before you hit to the application page:
  • Twitter name that matches your custom URL .
  • A verified phone number
  • The link to a website other than twitter
  • A confirmed email address (corporate accounts should use their corporate email address)
  • A detailed bio for your account
  • A profile photo along (company logo in case of a brand) 
  • A website link in your account that reflects you or your brand
  • Tweets set as “Public” in Twitter’s privacy settings
  • A brief statement explaining your impact on your particular field.
  • A scanned copy of a government-issued ID (like a passport or driver’s license)
  • The link to a website other than twitter 
Twitter may also require scanning copy of incorporation certificate to confirm your identity.” Once the form has been completed, you will receive an email from Twitter.

Twitter has the first base to start account verification, starting in 2009 currently has close to 187,000 verified accounts. The @CDCgov was one of the first Twitter accounts to be verified in order to help citizens.

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate Range In Google Analytics

Bounce Rate is much important to every single website that include one of the ranking factor in google guidelines.

What is Bounce Rate? 
It has percentage of single page visits by person left your website through the entrance page without any interaction which means Bounce rate will analysis under the Google Analytics.

A bounce rate of  Range

50% or less is excellent 
60-70% is typical 
70-80% is poor 
80%+ is very bad 

Ricochet rates and how they influence a site's positioning on Google has been talked about, analyzed, and dissected again and again.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate Range In Google Analytics

As completely deciphered on this site, a discussion between Rand Fishkin, CEO of Moz, and Andrey Lipattsev, Google's pursuit quality senior strategist, prompted an astonishing examination on snap and bob rates influencing look rankings.

Rand expressed that he has as of late been running a couple of trial tests with different hordes of 500 to two or three thousand individuals.

Everybody taking an interest was provoked to take out their cellphones, portable workstations, and computerized what-have-yous and play out a particular pursuit. Once the pursuit posting showed up, he had everybody in the group click one of the postings at the base of the outcomes page and afterward click far from that site. He then checked the outcomes throughout the following few days.

Rand found an entire group of irregularities. In somewhat more than half of the investigations, the positioning changed on the web crawler results page (SERP), and in somewhat less than half of the examinations, the rankings did not change.

Of course, keep in mind there’s no such a thing as a “perfect bounce rate”…

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